Malik’s frivolous spending habits have caught up to him and now he has to sell his luxurious mansion. As he goes through his home and says goodbye to his worldly possessions, (including a horse he has never ridden or petted) he realizes how he wasted his money. Malik finds a picture he drew in elementary school, which incredibly looks just like his current house. The picture depicted his dreams of getting out of the projects and buying a nice home for him and his mother and he feels like he has let that kid down.

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T.T offers up some wise words “the house isn’t who you are, it what you bought…onto the next dream.” Hopefully, this was an eye opener and in future episodes we see Malik in a more mature and positive light.
Jason gets a new co-anchor and no longer is the star of his own show. Needless to say he is fuming about this executive decision and turns to his bride Chardonnay for support but Chardonnay has issues of her own with Jason’s news. Chardonnay is insecure about the fact that Jason’s new “partner” is a white blonde, Jason’s past weakness. Jason assures her there is nothing to be concerned about and reminds her he has left his posh comfort zone and joined her in her meager one. As usual the couple makes up. This is a relationship I hope to see blossom as the season goes on, Brandy’s character is a great mix to the cast.

Melanie has her “showdown” with Tasha when the two are out on the town and end up at the same bar. The two are in a competition to see who can stay at the bar the longest apparently but the bartender informs them they must go. On Melanie’s way out she is the “bigger person” and wishes Tasha a good night. A reconciliation is due this season between these two and we may just be getting one or the feud could get much much steamier! Either one will make for good entertainment!