Evelyn meets the new girls, Kenya and Kesha for the first time when she and Suzie join them for dinner. Of course, Suzie has no problem starting the conversation off with rude comments and showing off pictures for a little visual aid.

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Evelyn brings up that she has seen Kenya’s Youtube videos and gives her some advice on how to make her next videos better. Maybe she should have told her to take down some of the current videos she has up.

Kenya takes the time out from her dance rehearsals to confront Kesha’s lack of faith in her but thanked everyone else that did believe in Kenya.

While at dinner with all the ladies, Kesha brings them to speed on Kenya’s speech. Kenya, who highly dislikes the way Kesha is retelling the story, feels like she is fabricating lies and constantly repeats, “you do not want to piss me off.” However, the cast agrees with Kesha and feel that Kenya could have addressed the situation in a different light.

Tami gives Kenya a chance to meet her team and perform as she tries to break into the music industry. Sadly, Kenya does not bring her “A” game but did bring plenty of excuses.

Already late,  Kenya realizes that she does not have her pictures printed out and ready. The pictures are on her flash drive, but she doesn’t have a laptop to get her pictures or play her music to dance to. She ain’t never got two things that match.

Tami and her team were perturbed and just thought Kenya was a “hot @%# mess.” Kenya doesn’t help her case once she starts to dance for the panel. Let’s just say this song best represents Kenya’s talent.

We do get to see a softer side of Tami. Tami, who is known for getting violent when angry, gives a little insight on why she is the way she is. As she candidly speaks with a therapist, we learn Tami has been sexually assaulted twice, held hostage, and held at gun point by people she thought she could trust. Just goes to show you that everyone has a reason for why they are who they are!