Royce and Suzie get a taste of the country! The girls take a trip to North Carolina and take a look into Kesha’s life. Kesha, who was raised by her maternal white relatives, didn’t have much of relationship with her father or his side of the family. Growing up in a small town she struggled with being biracial and that’s why Tami’s comments struck a nerve.

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Royce, who is taking a liking to Kesha tries to talk to Tami and get her to see Kesha’s side of things…doesn’t happen. Tami still feels like Kesha had no business talking to Evelyn before her.

Tami tells Jennifer she took it very personal that she was not invited to the Lucid launch party. Jennifer says it was an honest mistake and no harm was meant. Surprisingly, this goes over very well with Tami and no hard feelings were harbored…at least not for right now.
Evelyn has a book coming out about her experiences dating a pro basketball player and the things she’s seen.

Evelyn meets up with Baby of Cash Money to talk about publishing her book. Baby and his team are excited to be working with Evelyn and plan to make her book another on the New York Bestseller List, since they have had two recently.

But on to the drama! Its Shaunie’s birthday and she has invited everyone to a nice, classy, calm evening out for dinner. But as one can predict, is doesn’t stay calm for long. Suzie gives an impromptu toast, which includes a comment about Tami coming a long way from food stamps. Now we all know from past seasons how Tami feels about jokes and comments on her having to previously be on government assistance. But Suzie says it was all in jokes and fun but this discussion is definitely not over.

But the real blowout comes when Jennifer makes a birthday toast that she says was meant for Shaunie but really included a lot of talk about herself. She makes the statement “people think I’ve changed” and Evelyn takes it as a shot at her. Evelyn follows up with her own speech about being a real friend and not talking about your friends on a blog, a direct hit about the situation between her and Jennifer. Jennifer tells her not to be disrespectful and a bomb exploded.

Evelyn begins cursing and ranting and even hits Jennifer with her pocket book. Evelyn eventually has to be escorted out. Next week’s episode, the fight continues and Evelyn will be planning to wait around the corner for Jennifer!