Private businesses, Delaware State University and The City of Milford has formed a ground-breaking alliance and formed First State Moves the Nation, a small business accelerator that will offer two-hour to half-day sessions to various groups, associations and organizations. Custom tailored programs will also be made available.

While small business owners provide more than 70 percent of all new jobs, in the stalled economy most businesses aren’t growing or making jobs. Delaware’s economy is listed as seventh from the last in the nation as business friendly.

That’s not good enough for Sher Valenzuela, the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Small Business Person of the Year for Delaware, and the accelerator’s private business partner.

“Business owners don’t need to wait for an economy to improve to take control of their economic destiny, or to keep dollars and jobs in Delaware,” Valenzuela said.

Valenzuela is currently completing a book that will serve as a small business resource for business growth. She’s been called on by the state for years to speak to, train and support existing small businesses and start-ups in Delaware.

Although running for lieutenant governor in November, Valenzuela will remain available to support Delaware’s small businesses. To meet that growing need, she’s joined with Dr. Michael Casson, director of Delaware State University’s Center for Economic Development and International Trade of Delaware State University.

The speaking tour is a precursor to the First State Moves the Nation small business accelerator which the team is developing at Delaware State University. read more…