Fayetteville State Appoints New Associate Dean for University College, Dr. Tyson Beale

Dr. John Brooks III, Dean for the University College, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Tyson Beale as the new Associate Dean for the University College at Fayetteville State University (FSU).

Dr. Beale is a passionate administrator who has 15 years of experience in K-12 and higher education.  Prior to his appointment at FSU, Dr. Beale served as a Network Student Support Administrator to nine schools in Baltimore, Maryland.  As a district administrator to nearly 150 academic staff he directly oversaw curriculum development, supplemental instruction, professional development, and student activity budgets for regular and special education programs. In higher education Dr. Beale has held leadership roles for TRIO’s Student Support Services, Multi-Cultural Services, and Student Affairs.  His leadership experience has focused heavily on increasing the retention and graduation of college students, particularly young men.

Dr. Beale is highly recommended and has a proven track record in advancing student engagement programs and bridging the institutional barriers that plague many students.  As a first generation college student he believes the primary avenue to increasing student success is through a retention-based culture.  In his words, “high level engagement and collaboration among passionate educators is the vehicle to student success”.  His research interest is African American male persistence.  In fact, during his tenure at Morgan State University he founded Male~Strategy, co-founded the Board of Advisement Recruitment and Retention (B.A.A.R.), and mentored men of the Morgan M.I.L.E. while working in the Office of Student Retention and Leadership Development.  His work earned him the honor of 2007 male faculty/staff member of the year at Morgan State. Read Full FSU

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