The field has narrowed for potential  football fields that could be training sites for the Washington Redskins.

For now it looks like Virginia Union University has shaped up as a top contender for the job.

CBS 6 has learned from a source close to the selection process that Redskins team officials will be visiting the VUU campus Sunday to tour the facility.

The University in the heart of downtown Richmond has two side by side playing fields that would likely be an attractive attribute to Redskins team officials.

One high ranking official at the university said the Redskins would be a welcomed addition to campus, but also that the renovations to get Redskins ready would be expensive.

Fields and gym facilities would likely have to be entirely replaced. Even so, officials feel the improvements made for an NFL training camp would be lasting ones for the students of the Division 2 football school.

Still, in the mix for possible locations are City Stadium, Sportsbackers Stadium and two adjoining fields behind the Science Museum on Leigh St.  With many of these sites requiring extensive renovations, it’s expected that conversations will soon become decisions Referenced