Even though there have been strides in the area near Arkansas Baptist College, the neighborhood took a tough step backwards Thursday night when a shooting claimed the life a young student.

Arkansas Baptist President Fitz Hill talked to the media Friday about this homicide, saying it’s driving him now to dig even deeper into his mission to improve this area. But he noted that he can’t do it without the community behind him.

It’s some father-daughter time on the stoop Friday evening for Connie and Earl Williams. They’ve lived in this house at 17th and Pulaski for more than 40 years, remembering the past fondly.

“There was Soul Brothers Record shop and Uncle T’s Grocery,” Connie Williams.

But current memories worry them.

“I heard gun shots and it sounded like it’s coming from that direction,” Connie Williams said.

Her father heard them too following a homicide near Arkansas Baptist College Thursday night, leaving a first-year student dead and college leaders fuming. read more…