Fort Valley State University’s court came to Weaver Middle School in Macon to talk to students about dressing for success, personal hygiene and setting goals on Wednesday.

The court gave their words of wisdom about dressing professionally to the middle school students. The school leaders said that dressing for success is about giving a clean and professional image to the world.

“Dressing for success helps students with their goals because it gives them the opportunity to dress for their, to dress for the career that they want to have because you never know who you are going to meet throughout the day, your first impression is your lasting impression,” said Joy Joseph, a member of the Fort Valley State University court.

But it wasn’t just about what you need to build a successful, professional wardrobe, the middle schoolers also talked to the court about college and how to get there.

“I learned what it takes to go to college and to be in college,” said Diamond Davis, a Weaver Middle School student.

“At this point they got their education, they’ve been there and done that,” said Zavon Leonard, another Weaver Middle School student.

Marquis Evans, a student at Fort Valley State University, created this whole project. Evans said the idea behind this is to get these students thinking about professionalism and college before they get to high school. read more…