The three students accused of being involved in a recorded brawl in Five Points on September 23 have been dismissed by Benedict College.

Michael Jermel Kendrix, 22, John Cornelius Sumner, 22, and Stanley McBride, 22, are all charged with second degree assault and battery.

A spokesperson for Benedict College says the men have been administratively withdrawn from the school. In a statement, Assistant Vice President for Communications and Marketing Kymm Hunter wrote: “Students may be withdrawn administratively from the College at any time by the administration for the good of the College.”

She would not comment further.

Police believe that all three men were involved in a physical altercation with another male at approximately 2 a.m. outside of Pop’s NY Pizza at 707 Harden Street.

The suspects are accused of kicking the man and using their fists to repeatedly punch him in the head area causing lacerations and a broken jaw.

Incomplete cell phone video of the fight that surfaced on Facebook the next day shows a white male throw a punch before getting hit by at least three black men. It is unclear how or why the fight started. read more…