Adam Badger, 20, is a certified personal fitness trainer and student at Florida A&M University.

Ever since his mother put him on a work out plan at a local gym at the age of 15, Adam Badger, now 20, has been proactive in maintaining his physical image, to say the least.

This Washington D.C. native and Louisiana raised fitness entrepreneur is studying criminal justice at Florida A&M University, but he is involved in far more outside of academics. Not only is Badger an athletic guy, he is certified by the American Association of Fitness Professionals as a personal trainer. Badger has earned a significant amount of awards from local to national levels, in fact, majority of his clientele are FAMU students and this has given him the opportunity to leverage his brand.

Badger has a unique goal in mind; he wants to be the voice of reason and the face of fitness at FAMU. That is why he is pushing for more students to consult him if they are seriously considering fitness training.

By choosing to sign-up for Badger’s training, those individuals will have to make a lifestyle change, he warns.

“Working out is not the only aspect to fitness training. Staying away from McDonalds and other fast foods is a must!”

So how does Badger keep away from the fast foods, when so many other individuals are having a hard time doing so?

“It’s all discipline! Every month I have a cheat meal,” he said,” where I divert from my regular diet. I look forward to it each week because it has a psychological aspect.”

Badger asserts that he is not a nutrition expert, but a part of being a personal fitness trainer is showing people how tangible the results can be when hard work and discipline are implemented while training. Badger’s website,, features some testimonials from his clients.

“My discipline keeps me on track. I know that I will wake up each morning at 6:30 even if I have a fast-food burger.” he said,” but genetics plays a good role!”

Although Badger has been training for years to reach the level he is at now, he is finding it difficult to meet a special someone who can keep up with his level of fitness activity, “I’m looking for my fitness wonder woman!” he adds.

While he is not busy training clients or doing school work, Badger is working on another aspect of his fitness expertise — he will be releasing two fitness products, exclusive to his clients. Badger hopes that his products and training plan will encourage more students to become more engaged in fitness and overall health.

“Pain is weakness leaving the body. If it was easy, everyone would do it!” Badger said.