In a day and age when many people question whether blacks are represented well and regularly enough in the film and television industry, a black man playing a famed leading role could open the floodgates for the next generation of black actors.

The Urban Daily’s Candice Frederick explores the idea of a good-looking, savvy black James Bond in “5 Black Actors Who Could Be The Next James Bond.” And “word on the street,” Frederick writes, actor Idris Elba is most wanted.


Daniel Craig may be getting ready to take on the box office this Friday as James Bond in Skyfall, but word on the street is Idris Elba is the people’s choice to play 007 next.

And as folks continue to drop Elba’s name around, it got us thinking about what other martini-swigging, suit-donning brothers could continue the franchise. Goodness knows Will Smith and Denzel Washington can’t hold it down for all of the brothers. So here are five others who come to mind:

Idris Elba: We might as well get this one out the way because it sounds like he’s just one step away from signing on the dotted line. And it seems like he would be a sure bet—tall, dark, handsome, and has a British accent that drives the ladies crazy. He’s pretty much the definition of a Bond. Oh, and he can act too. He’s already picked up a thing or two about living a double life as the lead character on his hit TV show, Luther. We’re pretty sure he could break some necks if fools got in his way, too, just like any good Bond.

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Eon Productions’ Skyfall was released in the United States on November 8, 2012.