slide_278487_2056601_freeWhen Beyoncé recorded ‘Run the World (Girls),’ she almost certainly spoke for herself.  

Grammy Award winner Beyoncé Knowles electrified fans the world over during her performance at NFL Super Bowl XLVII. The living legend simultaneously found time to rock social media, too.

Some of the funniest interpretations of the ‘Beyoncé Bowl’ came from Twitter.

Sports analyst Stephon A. Smith tweeted, “BEYONCE is a baaaaaaddddddd MAMA JAMA!!! If y’all don’t know, y’all better ask somebody.”

48 Laws of Power wrote, “Make your accomplishments seem effortless,” while another user quoted and said, “Beyoncé’s mantra.”

The most comical tweets came after the 34 minute power outrage.

One of my followers noted an “inside source” told her “Michelle found out her mic was muted so she shut down the lights.”

Another said, ‘the lights went off’ as soon as ‘Jay Z left the building.’

Super Bowl XLVII was yet another spectacle, and Beyoncé seem to have lived up to her celebrity after many critics denounced her solely as a ‘sub-par’ talent.

And in other news, the Baltimore Ravens won the halftime show, 34-31 against the San Francisco 49ers.