BJ Smith was shot and killed at a block party in Tuskegee on Sept. 27.
BJ Smith was shot and killed at a block party in Tuskegee on Sept. 27.

Tuskegee University Police say Kentavious Holland, 22, was arrested and taken to the Macon County Jail in the shooting death of student Bobby Smith, Jr.

No motive is currently known and no additional information regarding Holland was made available, but a second person of interest in the case may lead to more arrests, according to new reports.

Smith, 21, was shot in the back during an unauthorized block party on campus. He was pronounced dead a short time later after being rushed to an area hospital.

“He was a great man,” one student said of Smith. “You don’t know why God does what he does.”

About 200 participants were at the scene of the block party on the night Smith was killed, Friday Sept. 27. Tuskegee officials say such street parties going forward will need a permit.

“We welcome students and faculty and anyone to have social events in the city,” said Tuskegee mayor Johnny Ford.

“As a matter of fact, we want them. We’ll be happy to close a street if you’re gonna [sic] have a block party.  We’ve done it in the past. We’d be happy to make our public parks available or our parking lots available. But you need a permit. You need permission.”

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