Black women surpassed any other group based upon race and gender in 2014 by having the highest percentage that is the most educated. Reports by the National Center of Education Statistics as reported by the US Census state that black women have the highest numbers for current enrollment in college.

Black And Married With Kids posted a YouTube video last spring titled, “Black Women Top This List.” This video explains the significance behind the 9.7% mark that states that black women are #1. Hosted by Janks Morton, he questions media’s reactions to this data and states that this history in the making. “I’m here to tell you today that African-American women and African-American men today are holding up the lamp that has always been a testament to blacks in this country. We have always valued education.”

Another report in 2014 from the Black Women’s Roundtable displays that African-American woman are also at the top of the polls in voter turnout among women. According to The Washington Post, “Black Women in the United States, Progress and Challenges” “offers a glimpse of the state of black women across the country over the last six decades, a rare look at a population that numbers over 20 million people.” It extracts data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services.


  1. I believe the is some great eye opening news to have read and witness. My suggestion would be the title, to change to most enrollment. Not most educated.

    • Affirmative action is what got them in in the first place. The same with asian and white women,affirmative action helps them all.

      • OK, not all of us with degrees are “affirmative action babies.” Some of us got straight A’s in COLLEGE PREP schools and had ACT scores in the 30’s. That’s not “tokenism” people. That’s, I scored higher than the ASIANS I went to school with.

    • Meanwhile white people have had Affirmative action for over 300 years. So you’re wrong they still need affirmative action…the group it actually helped the most were white women. I feel you should note that white men are near the bottom. Lol.

    • Education doesn’t equal job opportunities. Education doesn’t mean that we won’t still encounter massive discrimination in the JOB market, people. College degrees, even from top universities, mean nothing more than the paper they’re printed on, even if they’re in STEM fields, when the person holding them shows up to the job interview with brown skin.

  2. Now let’s see the one about whether those college degrees (even in STEM fields) get us the JOBS we should deserve with them (i.e. “in the field of study” or “anywhere near it.”How many black women with law degrees are able to practise law past the white supremacist nature of the legal profession, and so on.) Oh, whoops. The achievement stops here….with the attainment of the degree.

  3. Very encouraging and a slap in the face to the racist mantra that black women aren’t capable. Watch people deny it and report it negatively… You know that’s coming.

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