Washington, DC, July 17, 2014- The creators of The High Society, Royal Court and Avi8ted Thoughts have united for a night of innovation and celebration known as Higher Learning. This exclusive event will take place on Saturday, August 2nd, 2014 at the Blind Whino at 700 Delaware Ave SW, Washington, DC. Providing all spectrums of arts and music under one roof, the event will commence at 4pm following live performances and closing remarks from 7-10pm.

Higher Learning will showcase talent within the realm of arts by providing a plethora of musical performances, interaction with live painters, displays of vendors artwork as well as designer pieces and photographers. Featured painters and artists will also cater to the artistically driven attendees with their participation in a graffiti/signature wall and backdrop photo booth throughout the affair for their enjoyment.

With live music and complementary catering services provided by the Tender Rib, this event will also house media coverage from The Washington Times, blogger PatIsDope, HipHopSince1987.com, HBCUBuzz, The MRGN and many others.

The collaborates of Higher Learning executed this event to benefit the DC Metropolitan area and its youth to allow young professionals and college students the opportunity to explore and indulge in arts from all angels and demeanor. James Hobbs, Co Founder of The High Society expresses, “Our goal is to create an event that is eclectic to all beings by combining all elements of urban culture and embodying then into one; Higher Learning.”

“ Exposing guests whose allurements exude through the sounds of new music, artwork and people allows them to learn about and embrace different movements and cultures. With the potential to grow and expand each year, we want to turn this into an annual event”, Hobbs closes.

We invite and encourage all adults within the Hampton Roads, Baltimore and Philadelphia area to share the moment of artistic satisfaction and enjoyment by attending Higher Learning.

Tickets are available at www.HigherLearningDC.com

For more information contact HigherLearningDC@gmail.com and follow @HigherLearningDC on Instagram and @HLDC2014 on Twitter.