Jennifer Smith FAMU Law Referenced from TBO

Since it was reconstituted in 2000, Florida A&M University’s law school has struggled with image problems, including perceptions of academic quality and low bar exam-passage rates.

But the College of Law – based in downtown Orlando – bounced back in the last few years, finally receiving full accreditation from the American Bar Association, for example.

Now, a law professor is suing the school, alleging a variety of wrongs, such as discrimination, retaliation and salary inequalities.

Jennifer Smith, an associate professor hired in 2004, lodged her complaint in Leon County circuit court last Thursday. The suit was filed in Tallahassee because FAMU is headquartered here, the complaint says.

Smith accuses the university of eight violations of federal and state law on equal pay and gender discrimination, her suit says. She seeks unspecified damages, a promotion to full professor, attorney fees and other relief.

Her complaint says the law school “consistently hired men at considerably higher rates than women,” with male associate professors “paid considerably more” than females.

Smith says she was granted tenure in 2010, but has been repeatedly turned down for promotion to full professor ever since, starting that same year. READ FULL