millertv1.0(SBNATION) To find Cheryl Miller now, you have to know where to look. Langston University is about 10 miles farther off the interstate than most people are willing to go. Those that do usually aren’t looking for the women’s basketball game. They’re not looking for the football game, either. Most are just looking for the Marching Pride’s halftime show. This is not a school with a budding athletic tradition or a football team that demands attention, and sometimes it seems like most people attend the games for the award-winning marching show band. Langston is a safety school for some, a last resort for many, a place many want to forget as soon as they leave it.

Driving toward that small campus in the midst of the plains of central Oklahoma — a half-hour from anywhere you want to be — you can feel like you’ve missed it. Surrounded by nothing but pasture land, you wonder if you’ve taken a wrong turn. It seems as if the only historically black college in Oklahoma is trying to hide from you. You can feel like you’re never going to find it. And all of a sudden, like a desert oasis, there it is. Brightly lit. Smack in the middle of nothing. Plain as day. A wave of relief washes over you as you smile, knowing it was there all the time. READ FULL SBNATION