London Colvin, Norfolk State.Updated 1:48 PM EST, 1/29/2015 

A student at Norfolk State University (NSU) , a historically black college or university (HBCU) in Norfolk, Virginia, allegedly was attacked by police dogs after refusing to offer information to police officers regarding a fight.

NSU student London Colvin refused to answer questions about a fight that she was not involved in when police officers set dogs onto her.

Two police officers also sat on Colvin while the dogs brutally bit and attacked her, according to eyewitnesses.

“We want this to be publicized,” Kayla Cook, a Junior and Tourism and Hospitality major at Norfolk State University, told HBCU Buzz.

“We want the word out about this. The police told her that she took the dogs better than other people have before. We don’t know how many people the officers have attacked before [this incident],” she said.

UPDATE: London Colvin, a 21-year-old Norfolk State student and private in the Army Reserve is now recovering from injuries suffered when attacked by a police dog, reports say.

From Potomac Local, “Colvin was at the scene of a fight 2:15 a.m. Sunday, at an off-campus party near Norfolk State University, in Norfolk, where Colvin is a second-semester junior and Sociology major.”

The incident occurred when Norfolk police approached Colvin regarding an off-campus fight.

“She was at a party off campus,” Whitney Dunn, the victim’s cousin, told Potomac Local. “She said that a fight broke out, and she had nothing to do with the fight.”

“She [Colvin] was definitely being loud – she did admit to that,” Dunn said.

According to Potomac Local, the NSU student had to get 40 stitches and received “close several non-life threatening wounds” on her leg in result to the violent attack.

Eyewitnesses also say two police officers sat on Colvin while police dogs were set onto her.

UPDATE: According to Media Relations officials at NSU, NSU’s Vice-President for Student Affairs Edward M. Willis released a statement today about NSU student Colvin:

“We are aware of the incident involving one of our students this past weekend. Our main concern, as it would be with any student, is Ms. Colvin’s well-being, safety, as well as supporting her academic pursuits.” The nature of her involvement with law enforcement is a separate issue and all questions should be referred to the Norfolk Police Department.”


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    After my leg heeled from the dog wounds
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        Tor is a browser that helps you to hide your web activity. Another person commenting on a page (especially one that does not belong to them) will not grant them access to that information. Just because you know about a browser, does not mean you know web technology. I guess you just wanted to argue about the God part … not a battle for a comment box.

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      • Thanks Christopher. I know we disagree. But I really don’t see how praying or believing in god hurts anyone. It would be great if you could share some of your discoveries with me. Maybe you’re right. Maybe we’re all better off not believing in god. But why? I just want to know why people have come to believe this. What is the logic behind it?

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  2. I feel awful for her, but lets use our noggins here folks. It’s NOT the dogs fault. They’re following the commands of heartless idiots who should pay for what they’ve done. I’m sure they won’t though. Sickening!!!

  3. My friend who’s friends with London was also attacked in that report with Norfolk Police and from what I was told from the story Norfolk PD was arresting anything and anyone

  4. So you start off by saying it allegedly happened this way and then you say that in fact dogs were set onto her because she refused to answer questions. Where is your proof? Where is the video? Does it even sound believable that the dogs were set onto her because she said no to answering some questions? It’s much more likely that there is more to the story, but you have written an article without quoting anyone about the actual attack and you have no provided video. You just said it happened this way. Did you witness it or something? If so, why didn’t you claim to have witnessed it and then why did you initially say it allegedly happened?

      • There does not seem to be a ton more information there besides the police account of what happened. Honestly, there excuse for the incident does not sound any more credible than what this article suggests. Apparently the girl was being “loud” whatever that means and they went to restrain her. Once they had her down she was “resisting” arrest and they put a dog to her. She was not a armed criminal or being arrested for a violent crime. If you believe that is ok, I have some swamp land to sell you in Florida.

      • Did you read the article I linked? It’s not just the police even if it was, it doesn’t excuse this poor journalism. There appears to be an agenda here.

      • Good job skeptic. I like the way you think. I’m the same way.

        On another note, you don’t fight the damn police. When the police say stop, you stop. Put your hands behind your back, you do it. If you resist, bad things can happen to you … just don’t do it folks.

      • True this piece surely could have been written better but like I said before, the article you posted basically only added the police narrative as compared to what is in here. Everything at this point is still inconclusive as far as I am concerned. Neither article even knows what charges the police are supposedly bringing up on the girl. More info is needed before one can factually take sides but imo the police will need to explain why they let a dog attack a girl who was already pinned to the ground and was unarmednon-violent. They said she was “resisting” arrest but I never take the police words for granted because I have seen a man charged with assaulting police and damaging police property because he bleed on their uniforms after they beat him severely.

      • Yea the police certainly need to explain this. My issue is with this author stating as fact to his readers that police let the dogs loose on London because she wouldn’t answer questions. Even the victim’s cousins says the family all agrees with her being arrested. He knew the story wasn’t true and ran with an incomplete story to cause a stir. If the officers were wrong, they don’t need his lies to prove it. It will be shown through the facts.

      • If you are serious that you do not know what “loud” means for a black person, then obviously you are not black.
        If you are indeed black, you are lying or < 10 years old.

      • I am actually a 32 year old black man and you obviously did not correctly interpret what I was trying to convey. How was she being loud? Was she talking loud because she just came from a party or was she screaming and cursing at the officers? Neither from what I know to be law are illegal offenses unless someone is complaining about disorderly conduct. Even then, it is a ticket-able offense unless you have to be cited more than once and become combative against officers. Neither article offers any further information about what “loud” was and why it would warrant an arrest. Also, please keep your ignorant stereotypes to yourself or to those on your lower level of thinking as I am not interested. I went to UMCP and I have seen more than my share of rowdy and LOUD white kids to last me a lifetime. Loud is annoying whether from blacks or whites and neither race owns the rights to it.

      • Then there is the disconnect, your understanding of the law is in fact incorrect. Loud, meaning loud for any reason, is a reason to give police officers the right to instruct anyone to be quite… that means either way you want to present it (take your pick as it would be considered disorderly conduct at that point). Because a person does not like it, think its fair, or feel it isn’t justly applied, doesn’t mean they do not have the right or it isn’t law. Our people tend to believe that just “because” gives them the right to act a certain way. There is a process for that as well. The article does not have to explain “loud”, I think her parents confirmed what loud was, at least where I am from (Norfolk).
        And by the way, I was not trying to be ignorant. But thanks for declaring me of lower stature.

      • If you were not trying to be ignorant then do not say ignorant things. If you are not of a lower stature (of thought) then carry yourself accordingly. Anyway, you failed to explain how I do not understand the law as you said exactly what I said in a slightly different way.

        If loud for any reason is enough to instruct an officer to instruct someone to be quiet then explain how protest and other events are allowed to happen? What is “loud”? “Loud” can be interpreted very loosely. A perfect example is when I play my music loud and my wife complains for me to turn it down. Is it really the noise level or that she does not like the music. As it turns out, when “her” song comes on, blasting the music louder than her previous disliking is no longer an issue and is in fact enjoyable. Anyway, my point is, talking loud to an officer (as I assume is what you suggest is what “obviously” happened) is NOT against the law, neither is cursing at them. What really was the problem is that she was probably bad mouthing the officers and they were having non of that. Noise ordinances are in place when you are disturbing the peace and simply talking loud to an officer does not necessarily constitute that. Otherwise, lets just throw out the first amendment since anyone who does not like what you say can simply use the “loud” complaint to silence you and backdoor your constitutional rights by calling the cops. Hopefully my point on why just saying someone was “loud” and using JUST that to justify why they were arrested is naive at best. More information is needed badly before anyone comes to a conclusion.

      • Also I would like to point out how you and others are clearly misinterpreting what her family said about her being arrested for disorderly conduct. Lets look at what was actually said for a second and the facts surrounding the case.

        “we can understand her getting arrested, because she was being disorderly or anything like that – however she didn’t have a weapon.”

        You all are taking this as saying that whoever said this KNEW she was loud. That is NOT what this is saying or suggesting. As a matter of fact her family was not even there. Her family admitted that she told them she was being loud. What they said in the above statement is that they can understand her being arrested for being louddisorderly but what happened after was excessive force since she was not a violent criminal. You all are using what the family said as an admission of guilt to the girls behavior or as a eye witness account which is completely false and incorrect.

  5. Bet they still have their jobs. But if this happened to me or fam you would have a very persistent avenger on the loose coming for those responsible. I will not be a bystander nor a victim to police brutality, police are human like me, they can get what they give. I will with force-ably trade any position you put me in even if its costs me my life.

  6. Ok why hasn’t one made contact with the Prosecutors office on this , or the office of inspector General. These are cops who clearly need to be prosecuted for these crimes…Yes I was a cop, and you have good cops and pure ASS WHOLE COPS who hide behind a badge let’s get there names out there, does anyone know there names, ..

    • You really think you got the full story from this article, enough to prosecute someone? This is not to say the cops don’t deserve prosecution, but this article is hardly the evidence required. It’s very poor journalism, just making claims that you cannot account for.

    • yea.. so someone who knows them can go terrorize their family or stalk their house or something like that.. not that these guys don’t have enough to worry about.. EVERY traffic stop could be the last.. soo put their names out there.. and address too.. how stupid are you? a lot .. that’s the answer… a lot.

  7. Lets see how this plays out, it will be the police vs the military and I don’t see the police winning this one. Once on the ground with two police on you, there was no need to release the dog.

  8. Call Rev. Al!!! He get to the bottom of this! He can blackmail the police and get some money for Colvin too.

    • He’s a large part of the problem actually. Ever wonder why he’s less of a threat than Cosby? Because only idiots follow behind him.

    • See Robert Hoggard? This is what lying in your original article causes. Is this what you support as a Baptist? You should be ashamed.

  9. So I point out that this is very poor journalism, claiming something happened and not providing any proof or quotes. I even given an example of another article covering the same topic in much more detail that gives evidence from the victim’s own cousin saying she understood the arrest. Then you delete my message because it makes your article look poor. The dogs were not sent because the victim refused to answer questions. It’s dishonest to write that they were. Now you have updated your story to include only the portion where Dunn says London was being loud and that she wasn’t involved in the fight. Would it embarrass you to admit that her own family says they understand she deserved arrest? Look at some of the responses you’ve gotten, calling for the harming of officers, all because you spun this story in the way you wanted to get the reaction you wanted…. And you are a Baptist… which should stand for someone who seeks truth in all things. You really should be ashamed. I’m sure you will delete this comment as well, but how about you try posting the whole story and not hoping that your readers are ignorant and won’t research it. It shows how little you think of your readers. I challenge you to post the police side and the rest of Dunn’s comments and retract where you said the dogs were set on her simply because she didn’t answer questions as that has not been stated by any reliable source.

    • I see no error in your argument. There are always two sides to the story and then the truth. The private escalated a situation that she should have known not too. In return the police used what potentially could have been an aggressive police arrest. Would this be any different that punching or kicking a handcuffed detainee?

      I am majorly PO’d at the so called press, who are keepers of the 4th estate and how they are not truly reporting facts but molding bits and pieces to fit their agenda.

  10. She continued to be loud!
    Sounds like she wanted to make herself a target. Just another case of, just because you can, doesn’t always mean you should…

      • You pretty much said as much, though. At the very least, you’re blaming the victim, not the perps.

      • Nah, you pretty much extrapolated entire plight because I didn’t flat out say the police were wrong. Obviously, a dog bite in this case is pretty straight forward. That’s not what we hold marches and publicly addresses for. Providing the facts are true, that’s a 10 minute case, and two minutes of that is paperwork. My bigger issue is, making themselves a victim for something that has NO value. Her being loud, her resisting arrest created no value. This is typical of us young folks because we can’t see the “forest for the trees”. Play this situation back and asked her was it worth being bitten over. She may even say yes because she didn’t loose her beauty in this, BUT.. What if it was her pretty face instead of her legs? When the civil rights moments of the 60s wanted to prove a point, they assessed “VALUE” first before they decided to get bit by dogs and d*mn by water horses. This translation has been lost in history. So if you need me to say “yeah, a civil right was broken” or law, or whatever… YES… now the next conversation starts…

      • I don’t think the article read…”loose police dog bit army lady.”
        Its pretty safe to assume, if she wasn’t being restrained or needing to be restrained, she would not have been bitten. That’s pretty clear.
        She didn’t need to be bitten, but yeah, that kind of brings us by to the initial point.

    • People need to learn to just shut up. You have more power with a CLOSED mouth than an open pie hole when it comes to dealing with cops.

      Keep your hands folded in front of you and just tell the police you do not speak to any police without an attorney present. ID yourself and that is it! Ask them if you are being arrested, can they articulate their reasonable suspicion for detaining you. Otherwise shut up and do not put any type of resistance up.

      Easier to fight in court than with the idiot in blue with the 40 cal Glock. Or in this case a dog too.

      The LESS you say the LESS police have to use against you. Remember their only job is to get bodies for the state. They get you to talk, and they will lay more charges on you. Generally they will throw as many charges as they can, so at least one or two will stick.

  11. @ timeless. …I hear u w/re 2 vengeance on the officers but what tom-doolery u speak, when referring 2 the dogs. They, like London, r INNOCENT of this deplorable act. As always….check the owners not the.breed. jeez.

  12. This wasn’t the dogs fault…they were just doing what they were trained to do. The cops sitting on her is just unfathomable. How sick. They could have just arrested her if she was refusing..the use of the dogs was a bit much. But to talk of violence against the dogs who were just obeying a command is just stupid. Say what you want about the idiotic police..but leave the dogs alone. Its just an all around bad situation and I really hope the student heals from her wounds quickly without too much scarring 🙁

  13. Name your ticket honey! Those PIGS may not realise it but they just paid your school loan off!I know how Those scum bags are because I lived in Portsmouth for a few years back in the 70s. And I’m white! Those are some of the most ignorant Assholes ANYWHERE!!! The only thing I’m worried about ,(besides retaliation ) is the Army will drop you if you have a conviction. MAKE SURE YOU FIGHT IT AND WIN! Good luck ! 🙂

  14. Taking this article at face value, “Covin refused to answer the officers question…”

    YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TALK TO THE POLICE! Give them your name, town/state of residence and then SHUT UP with any other type of information! Ask the cop if you are under arrest. Are you being detained? If they do not answer, repeat and of course say firmly… “I WANT MY ATTORNEY BEFORE I ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. If I am not being arrested or being detained am I free to go?!” Wash, rinse, repeat…

    Officer am I under arrest? No? Am I free to go? No? Then I refuse to answer any further questions until my attorney is present since I am being detained. If he asks you questions.. repeat…

    Do not be bullied by the police to give up one iota of your rights. BUt at the same time DO NOT BE AGGRESSIVE OR LOUD. Better to fight it in court (and the press) than to have some idiot with a Glock 40 want to end you.

    They will always say… “oh you won’t answer cause you have something to hide?” NO, moron, YOU took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution which by virtue contain MY RIGHTS… So why are you trying to violate them by bullying me?

    The continued militarization of the police and their unchecked power is a major concern.

  15. This is a mockery of justice in its heinous form. Its moments like this that give ethical officers of the law who use sound judgement a black eye. There are people who still harbor racist like feelings behind a facade that society believes should be an unbiased representative of the law. These people should never wear a badge. Pray for the recovery of this soldier. And for those being nit-picky about the hands in the pocket, give it a rest. Her squad leader and platoon sergeant will handle that. Nice picture, but I would have cropped it before putting on the web.

  16. First of, this is absolutely insane and no one should ever be restrained and bit repeatedly by dogs. Secondly, for those of you who are hating the dog, it’s not the dog’s fault. The dog followed a command given by a human. Blame the HUMAN. The dog doesn’t know if the person they are after is guilty or not. They were doing the job they were trained for.

  17. Thats fucked up, that one wound with the hole is gonna be a permanent scare. All I can say is I am glad that it wasn’t any worse than what it is. Young sista GET A GOOD ATTORNEY & GET THAT BREAD OUT THEM BITCHES…..FTP

  18. You guys all know the difference between being stopped to be asked questions about a fight and being stopped for yelling your head off (Disorderly Conduct) at 2:30 AM while being detained to be asked questions as you are being arrested for said Disorderly Conduct for yelling your head off at 2:30 AM in the morning after a gang fight broke out in the streets that the cops were responding to, right?

  19. This article purposely withholds information. It says she refused to answer, but what it omits is how the officers legally detained her and she resisted, which escalated the situation to an arrestable offense. That is why dogs were commanded on her.

    • YOU make me sick. YOU are disgusting filth.
      NO ONE is required to speak to police at ALL unless they are given a citation–then it’s only for IDENTIFICATION purposes. She was charged with “disorderly conduct” and “resisting arrest”–that’s ALL. Witness have stated that she was held down by a cop that was on TOP of her while the police dog ATE her.

  20. ” The nature of her involvement with law enforcement is a separate issue and all questions should be referred to the Norfolk Police Department.” Wow! Way to stick up for your students Norfolk State.

  21. Statement from the college is definitely not strong enough. Somebody needs to stand up and speak out.

  22. When I read “Police Viciously Sent Dogs To Attack A Female Student For Resisting To Answer Their Questions” before clicking on another article I immediately thought that she’s most likely going to be black. Now after seeing the photo on this article I see that I was right. If she were white this probably wouldn’t have happened

  23. To add to this story the Chief of NPD publically stated that his Officers did not handle the situation correctly, the dog should not have been used. I applaud him for at least trying to right some portions of this wrong. From what I understand the young lady still has disorderly conduct charges pending….We will see!!

  24. She had just been punched and the cops assumed that she was part of the fight. They should have not used the dogs but just tried to calm her down instead and then talk to her.

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