1. Seekers of Superior Scholarship

“The Dean”, Alain Leroy Locke, the First Black Rhodes Scholar in 1907, is an excellent member of our wondrous band. Enough said? I think so! Adding to that, Brother Rod Paige went on to be the first African-American US Secretary of Education from 2001-2005 under the George W. Bush administration. Sigma brothers show scholarship!

2. Changers of Public Policies

A Phillip Randolph was known to be a nonviolent and direct action strategist. In fact, he helped push President Franklin D. Roosevelt to issue an executive order banning racial degradation on government defense factories. He also pushed FDR to establish the Fair Employment Practices Committee. Furthermore, Randolph later challenged President Harry S. Truman to issue an order banning racial injustice in the U.S Armed forces.

Randolph helped changed many public policies as a Sigma man. Like Randolph, Sigma brother Rev. Al Sharpton is known today as one of the most efficient organizers in the country. Despite the naysayers, there are so many great things that Sharpton has done to help better the country and its citizens, in particular African-Americans.

On his show, Politics Nation he always talks about the policies that perpetuates injustices in this nation. Sharpton, Randolp and numerous other Sigma brothers, like John Lewis and Hosea Williams, have shed blood and tears for humanity. They purposely live our motto: “Culture for service, service to humanity.”

3. Quality Treatment To All Women 

When I meet Zetas, we share a deep bond that can never be trivialized.

Sigmas have always been known to have an unbreakable bond with Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc. Zeta and Sigma are the nay constitutional bonded Black Greek organizations. Sigmas treat Zetas well and it doesn’t stop there!

4. Mentoring Youth

One of the great things about Phi Beta Sigma is that we have a very powerful mentoring program: The “Sigma Beta Club”. This program is responsible for mentoring young people through the challenges that they face in life.

The Sigma Beta Club is all about investing in the young people, the future leaders of tomorrow, so that they are ready to lead and serve whenever called upon, and no matter the obstacles.

Sigmas sets the bar high, and always think and act on being a part of the DNA of the community rather than being separate from the community. This makes us who we are when we enter the world to serve humanity.

Happy Founders Day, frat!

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