College can be pretty hard to adjust to, especially for freshmen and sophomores. Senior year you should already know the ends and outs and what to expect from your university academically and financially. Here are five things to do to survive at your HBCU:

Have an open mind

Take classes in departments you’ve never heard of or even better, history classes. History classes at HBCU’s are more informational and personal. This is your best chance to challenge your preconceptions and most importantly–learn about you and your HBCU.
Academic Advising

Make sure you stay on top with your academic advisor to ensure that you will graduate on time. Nobody wants to be left behind while your friends that you enrolled with during freshmen year graduate before you. If they do it is not the end of the world because things change and things happen for a reason but don’t let poor advice be the cause.
Attend classes

Make sure you attend all classes. I know some classes you feel like you shouldn’t even get up for but it is important to be punctual. This is a skill that every student should learn while in school. Also by attending classes you can build a relationship with your professor. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in class or email your professor. You want your professor to know who you are. In this happens, when you have a problem they know that you are persistent, charismatic, and ambitious.

Watch your weight

Watch what you eat. Most universities serve awful food with the exception of certain restaurants either near or on campus. Take advantage of your universities gym and work out at least three times a week to keep unnecessary calories away. We as college students have a bad habit of laying around after lunch or class without any type of physical activity the entire semester.
Maintain a bank account

You never know when you will have unexpected fees that you may not have the funds to pay before a certain deadline. Possessing a universal bank account that your parents can easily add money to is a winner. Direct deposit is quicker and more reliable than mail especially those who are out of state.