Fox’s new television show Empire seems to be causing drama on and off the screen. The new hip hop drama apparently has gotten Sean “Diddy” Combs up in arms.

A source told earhustle411 that Combs’ son Quincy was a definite for a role on the hit show, but Diddy put everything to a hault when it was discovered that his oldest Quincy would have to give up a percentage of his music rights to Fox.

“Diddy kicked up a huge stink and called all the top brass at 20th Century Fox TV to get them to change their rules over music rights,” but he didn’t get his way. “He said there was no way his son was signing over his intellectual property. So he banned him from the show,” the source said.

Ban? That’s kind of harsh. But Quincy could possibly have another chance at the show for its now-in-the-works season of Empire and cast, though Mr. Puffy will have to let up on his issues with the music rights in order for that to happen.

Director of the show Lee Daniels is said to be excited about the opportunity to have Quincy on the show.

Quincy, who is an up and coming Actor and Singer, will have to do like all others on the show and sign that dotted line if he wants in. This could be a big opportunity for Quincy who is trying to make a name for himself in the music industry.

The 23 year old just recently dropped a song featuring Rapper French Montana called “Friends First.”