Former TSU Player Participates in NBA All-Star Week

Robert Covington, a former Tennessee State University star, participated in the Rising Stars challenge during this All-Star weekend.

Covington, in his second year in the league, has made quite an impact after being undrafted out of Tennessee State. Spending most of his rookie year in the D-League, racking up numerous honors including being named Rookie of the Year and All-Star game MVP, Covington was picked up by the Philadelphia 76ers and has made his presence felt.

Since earning his first start in December Covington has not been out of the lineup and has made himself into a consistent scoring threat, especially from range. The 6’9 forward currently leads his team in three point percentage and threes made per game.

All of this hard play has not gone unnoticed by the NBA. After Michael Carter Williams, also of the 76ers, pulled out of the Rising Stars challenge due to injury, Robert Covington was selected to take his place.

The Rising Stars challenge pits first and second year players against each other to show the future stars of the league as part of the All-Star experience. This year the NBA added a twist pitting U.S. players against other first and second year players from around the world.

The World Team won the game 121-112. Covington had two points, three rebounds, and four steals on the night.