A Prairie View A&M University student is in custody following a double shooting Tuesday.

The shooting happened around 1:30 p.m. at the Brookside Meadows apartment complex at 23171 Richards Road near Wyate Chapel Road, KPRC reports. One out of the two shooting victims died. One injured, has been taken to a hospital by Life Flight.

Prairie View University Police tells ABC 13 the student Leroy Mitchell turned himself in just hours after the shooting. According to Prairie View A&M, he was a student at the school. Neither of the shooting victims were enrolled there.

This story is still developing. 



  1. I attend PVAMU n well nobody’s really telling the truth. The Tale was killed at was a well known drug house. Leroy Mitchell and Mr. Miller both did not stay there but Mr. Miller did sell drugs there. Leroy was a friend of Mr. Miller and often came through to hang with him n watch tv and play videos games or smoke. All n all Tale was killed at the Weed man house. Which only raises one question to me was he trying to rob them by shooting Mr. miller first and leaving Leroy left to either get shot and killed or shoot him first. The facts are there Talenwas killed n self defense of someone’s life. Tale was not a student n me being a student here at PV. I can tell u wen your are far away from home and u can’t get bck into school for a semester money will be running low. We usually get over payment checks of up to 5k which helps a lot of us students live for the semester. And with u not being n school and it’s been a few weeks n u have no means of getting money other than to sell drugs u start to get desperate. Tale might have been so low on money he thought he could get away with robbing them since sometimes it does be one person n there selling the drugs. They are portraying Mr. Mitchell to be jus a killer when the fact is tht Tale tried to rob someone of money n drugs by running into to their house shooting. Jus like anybody else in the world you are going to stand your ground wen faced with adversity. I don’t feel his right for killing him but if it’s either him or u sometimes u gotta protect your life any means possible. I feel he should get a fair trial and all the evidence should be presented Bc ones again that was not his house so of course nobody knew he would be there. Tale knew that the house is not heavily guarded all the time n he has been there a few times I’ve seen with my own eyes but all of a sudden now he dies n everyone is hurt but the fact is he died at drug house with robbery attempt in his mind so I feel everyone needs to think that through before they judge Mr. Mitchell for what I would call stand your ground.

  2. Tale was killed trying to rob mr Mitchell. That is the truth. He was chasing leroy with the gun an back doored an got his top knocked off. Dont rob people

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