Nashville, Tennessee

American Baptist College, an Historical Black College and University in Nashville, Tennessee, is set to re-open a dormitory that has not been open in over 15 years. The monumental ribbon cutting ceremony is set to take place at 5pm today.

The project manager, Rev. Martin Espinosa 88′, says that it is a 3.7 million dollar project and has asked the college’s alumni to support the college at a greater level.

Alumni have already answered the call. Rev. Dr. Julius Scruggs gave $10,000 on top of a $35,000 gift he already gave to the school. Rev. Dr. Forrest Harris 79′, the president of American Baptist College, has donated the $1,000 to the college and has pledged to give another $9,000 to the school for the project.

The dorm, Griggs Hall, was the home of several of the students who were instrumental to the Civil Rights Movement such as John Lewis, William Barbee, Rev. Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Rev. Dr. CT Vivian, James Bevel and many others. The students were taught the tactics of nonviolence by Rev. Dr. Kelly Miller Smith in this dormitory.


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