Tallahassee Democrat: Bryan Henry Column

We just experienced our best week of the baseball season so far at Florida A&M.

We went 3-1 and won our second straight MEAC series over Savannah State. The best part about the whole thing is that we are still not playing our best baseball. There is so much room to get better in a lot of different areas.

But at the same time, you do not want to be playing your best baseball right now. You want to be playing your best baseball at the end of the season when it is tournament time.

This is still a time for learning and correcting mistakes. And that process continues with a two-game home series against Mercer that started Tuesday.

I think the biggest difference right now is that the guys are getting to play and experience game repetitions. There is not a better way to learn than to actually play and go through a situation game speed.

You can practice until you turn blue in the face but it is extremely hard to duplicate game speed. Look at Major League Baseball’s spring training. Those guys do about one week of practices, mostly to make sure pitcher’s arms are game ready, and then they play games. They play every day to make sure they are ready for the season. It also gives teams a chance to evaluate guys trying to make the team in game situations.

It is simple. You have to play consistently to get a feel for the game and we are on a stretch now where we have played seven straight games without being rained out. A routine is starting to be established and baseball players need routine. Of course, now that I have talked about it, we will get rained out soon.

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