5 Reasons You Should Attend An HBCU

Choosing a college can be a tough decision. It’s hard to consider all the pros and cons when picking your school of choice. If HBCUs are on your list of possible colleges, and even if they aren’t, here are a few reasons why you should consider HBCU’s as a school of choice:

1. The Faculty Care

At most institutions of higher learning, students become numbers. Teachers don’t care to know their pupils on a first name basis or how they’re doing in their courses. At HBCUs, students have an opportunity to get more assistance from professors and faculty. Professors and staff are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you make the best academic decisions and to perform well in your studies.

2. Some of the greats have attended HBCUs

HBCUs are responsible for educating well respected and prominent people (see 37 notable HBCU alumni.) Celebrities, politicians, activists, TV personalities, actors, and many others have received their education from HBCUs.

3. ‘The Life’

When attending an HBCU, students get to experience some major fun outside of academics. Clubs and organizations, Homecomings, Spring Fests, and other campus happenings are always highlights of the HBCU experience. Participation in extracurricular activities at an HBCU is like no other because It allows you as the student to enjoy exciting and traditional activities. 

4. Sense of pride

HBCU’s are rich with history. The legacies that HBCU’s carry, makes you as a student want to add on to the lineage of your HBCUs’ reputation. Attending an HBCU is about so much more than you as an individual, it’s about continuing to carry out the excellence that the school already carries.

5. Networking 

Attending an HBCU gives you an opportunity to meet people who have similar goals to yours, but in in a smaller setting. This allows the relationship to become stronger and gives you ample time to develop your networking skills.