Just as a reminder, Pro Days events are looked to by every athlete as the one chance of making the big league and in this case the NFL. Its the last chance to preform their skills in a 40 yard dash with hopes of getting their names in the mix bigger and better competition.

According to NFL Draft Diamonds, recent graduates from the Jackson State football team, wasn’t able to complete pro day for scouts after allegedly failing to “preform well” in the 40-yard Dash.


Jackson State University, the prestigious black college, turned their players away after they did not perform a fast enough forty.

The weather was 28 degrees and after all the players ran their forty only one player was able to perform drills in front of the scouts. Get this, the player was not even from Jackson State.

It is very difficult to make it to the NFL, but if you are judged by your forty alone, several greats wouldn’t be in the NFL.

This is a real shocker, but the NFL is on a clock people. Their time is valuable, but what about the kids who worked four years for this day? It is a shame. [/quote_box_center]

635612460694131197-IMG-0116“Yeah, I pretty much knew they would’ve cut if you didn’t run a good enough time and you didn’t finish all the drills at a good enough time,” said McCree, whose unofficial best was 4.84. “But just one drill, maybe I could’ve understood they’d give us two or three more drills. But one drill, it’s just — there are a lot of guys out there who can run fast but they can’t jump. … You can’t just eliminate one guy who doesn’t do one thing right.”


  1. Imagine if the scouts who timed Jerry Rice at his Pro Day 30 years ago had the same mindset as the ones at this Pro Day (Jerry Rice ran a 4.6)

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