World Star Hip Hop (WSHH) is known best for its fight compilations, underground hip hop videos, and vixen models, but the well-known site is thinking outside of its usual ratchet box.

Within the past few years, web series have taken over the internet, giving people an alternative to regular cable television. It looks like World Star wants a piece of that lucrative pie. The Hip-Hop based site has partnered with Co- Director Meagan Good and Creator Tamara Bass, to premiere a scripted original web series called All That Matters.

The series follows the newly engaged couple Joy (Tamara Bass) and Kevin (Tracey Dukes). The relationship is turned upside down when Joys’ sister drops her daughter off on the two because she can’t handle it anymore.

If World Star and web series doesn’t sound weird to you, trust me you’re not the only one. Vibe Magazine sat with Bass and Good for an interview, and asked the two how they feel the show will be perceived since it will be fostered on WSHH. “Of course, there are going to be people who ask us why World Star Hip Hop? There are already going to be a bunch of people who are already frequent World Star visitors and think this is something they’re not going to want to watch. We’re prepared for all that. My thing is, if World Star Hip Hop is trying to change the direction of where they’re going and wanted someone to be the first, why not us?” Bass said.

Episode one of All That Matters Premiered on March 9. Good stated “What we really wanted to do was bring more stories that have more of our faces, more women stories and more family stories that are from different outlooks and different slices of life.”

Sway Calloway is executive producer of the web series and according to Bass, he is an advocate for pushing the show. “I proposed this project to him and he immediately came on board with the financing of the pilot episode and has been a proponent for pushing it. Anything we need in terms of access to his radio audience, him, or whatever we need from him, he’s ready to give” Bass Said

Though the first episode of the series is simply setting up the rest of the season, it’s already proving to be an interesting body of work.

Check the show out here.