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There are 367,180 people and counting that wants President Obama and the White House to legally recognize Westboro Baptist Chruch as a hate group. According to a petition, “Their actions have been directed at many groups, including homosexuals, military, Jewish people and even other Christians. They pose a threat to the welfare and treatment of others and will not improve without some form of imposed regulation.”

If you are like me, you probably had to Google search Westboro Baptist Church. And if you did, maybe you will find yet another Republican proposition that just makes you want to scratch your head, like I did when former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum on CBS “Face The Nation” recently cited WBC when discussing the new law in Indiana dubbed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act:

[quote_box_center]”Tolerance is a two-way street. If you’re a print shop and you are a gay man, should you be forced to print ‘God Hates Fags’ for the Westboro Baptist Church because they hold those signs up? And this is really the case here: Should the government force you to do that? And that’s what these cases are all about. This is about the government coming in and saying, ‘No we’re gonna make you do this.’ And this is where I think we just need some space to say, ‘Let’s have some tolerance be a two-way street.’”[/quote_box_center]

The only problem, besides Santorum’s “weak position,” The Collegian writes, WBC is basically a hate group that uses the slogan “God Hates Fags” to discriminate against gay people. Furthermore, the church is bringing its hate speech spill to Howard University on April 10, at 11 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., according to a picket schedule on the church website,

[quote_box_center]WBC to picket Howard University. What a mess this nation has made of her youth. They have no true thoughts of their Maker, and what thoughts they do have are full of blasphemy and lies. They are raised either to believe that God is their bellboy or that He just simply doesn’t exist. So when they are pushed out the door to go to college all they think of doing is fornicating their brains out! They are selfish brats that truly believe that the world owes them something just simply because they are alive. It is a shameful sight to see the way that these young people behave, and the parents, teachers, and preachers have done that to them. They have no chance when they stand before the Great White Throne on Judgment Day. We come in hopes that one little lamb is out there and may be called to repentance by the Lord their God. Repent or Perish! Obey today![/quote_box_center]

Somebody, fix it.

UPDATE: Several dozen students attending Howard University took a stand against Westboro Baptist Church when the hate group pulled up to campus yesterday, Saturday about 10 a.m.

Nobody was hurt.

But a statement was made that “All Black Love Matters.”

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