Kentucky is now officially home to a second historically black college.

Administrators at Simmons College of Kentucky made the official announcement during a press conference Monday.

The event was held on the original campus of Simmons, which was built by newly-freed slaves more than a hundred years ago.

In the late 1990s, Simmons fell on hard times and nearly went bankrupt. But President Kevin Cosby, who was sworn in ten years ago, is credited with turning around the college.

School officials spoke about the significance of being designated an HBCU, which qualifies the school for certain grants and funding.

“Simmons is now eligible to apply for title three capital grant monies which are exciting funds that have been designated $1.1 billion designated just for Historically Black Colleges,” Simmons College COO Robert Harvey said.

Although an Historically Black College, school officials say they recruit other ethnic groups — including whites — to create diversity.

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  1. Congrads to Simmons College. Noew its time for the state of Kentucky to put the money into both of it s HBCU’s

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