As if having Lil B premiere it earlier in the night (May 19) wasn’t enough of a trip, A$AP Rocky takes the honor of giving fans a taste of “LSD” before his forthcoming album, At. Long.Last.A$AP arrives next month. Trippy, wild, and a nearly six-minute mind-fuck, Rocky’s latest sets quite the tone for an album that is said to find him taking a mind-opening new direction. “Trust me, it ain’t no cheesy shit,” the rapper told Rolling Stone last week.


Compared to recently released tunes like “Everyday” and “M’$,” the latest record, “LSD,” is one tripped-out affair that pairs well with Rocky’s much-discussed psychedelic influences on the new LP. Much different than anything he’s ever done, the records finds the Harlem-bred slick-talker crooning mostly, before shifting into a 16 mid-song that features lines like, “I could switch up on you niggas and start shitting if I choose to / That’s when the new you become a difference since they knew you / I guess the new me is going to get some getting used to…”

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