ALBANY, Ga. – Albany State University continues to make its presence known with the millions of dollars that it pumps into the local and regional area. The university had more than $59 million in research grants flow into the Albany and Southwest Georgia economy over the last several years.

Additionally, almost three times as much — $141 million is the total economic impact that ASU has on the Albany region, according to a study released in 2014 by the University System of Georgia. The report also shows that Albany State created 1,816 jobs in the region, which includes Dougherty, Lee, Worth, Mitchell, Terrell, Colquitt, Baker, Sumter, Calhoun and Tift counties.

“At Albany State, we have outstanding, cutting-edge research and instruction taking place that reaches far beyond our laboratories and classrooms,” said Interim President Arthur N. Dunning. “We are proud that the research dollars we bring into this university are solving problems that will make life better for residents here in Southwest Georgia and far beyond our borders.”

Dunning said research dollars received by Albany State can be felt through public policy, economic development and the quality of life. He said that the university is continuously reviewing and where appropriate, revising its organizational infrastructure to ensure that ASU research and research dollars are having the highest possible impact on the service area. He cited a few examples of the way residents of Albany and Dougherty County benefit directly by having a university in their community. Read Full via ASU


  1. Define “last several” years? Is this a combined research total for over 2, 3, 4, 5…7 years?

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