The folks over at Hippie Hangout TV are back again. (In case you missed “First Kiss: HBCU Edition” click on the link and check out the video before watching!)

This time, Hippie Hangout sat down with 7-10 Black men to find out their views on Black women, and you won’t believe what they had to say. “She: An Ode to The Black Woman,” is a nine minute video featuring experiences, perspectives and dialogue from a few young Black adults—it’s also a great proposal one could use as a cool, interesting and fun social event on the yard your frat puts on to kick off the new academic year. You can check out some of the responses from the guys in the video above.

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  1. I absolutely loved this video…I smiled and blushed the entire time! Thank you so much for putting it together because it confirmed, at least for me, that the black woman is still the apple of the black man’s eye. And that’s a wonderful, safe place for us.

  2. This was absolutely amazing! It felt good to hear black men speak so highly about black women. I smiled the whole way through. I love my black men too, always!

  3. If it took the current culture of our society to bring us closer and stand for each other then something good came out of it as horrid as it may be… it’s not all in vain. Black men, yes we are strong, we are intelligent, beautiful, excellent, educated MDs, PharmDs and PhDs, and sometimes intimidating. But in all of our strength we need you! We need you to affirm us, to console us, to hold us, uphold us… We need you to stand for us, stand with us, and stand by us. We need to hear you say you chose us and show you love us and be there to protect us. Yes we are many great positive things but we are even better when you are positive with us. Thank you for saying our name ‪#‎SHE‬

  4. This was really refreshing! Thank you my beautiful black brothers, I love yall as well! I’m still smiling btw lol

  5. Thank you! Sometimes we can feel like our men don’t understand what we need but it’s even better to hear you know what we deserve

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