Buzz Senior Editor, Sonia Montalvo Talks With CWF About The HBCU Experience

podcastA safe and comfortable space where friends can converse about any and everything, and make it interesting, no it’s not your living room; it’s Conversation with Friends Podcast. CWF Podcast is a fresh twist on the norm of group conversation.  Two HBCU Alum, Mush K and Ollie D , came up with the idea and are now 18 shows in. “Schoolin Lyfe” their newest episode, features  HBCU Buzz’s Senior Editor Sonia Montalvo, to talk about the HBCU Experience.

CWF’s   objective is to create and foster a platform where dialogue on their own terms about being Black in America amongst other topics can take place. Both Howard and Lincoln Alum, Mush K and Ollie D ‘s new and fresh podcast is aiming to do things a little different.