When our siblings get married, they gain all the love and happiness promised to them in a marriage. Someone to share the rest of their lives with, and someone to call their very own, but what about us? What do we get out of the deal? If you’re anything like Ice Cube’s character James Payton in RIDE ALONG 2, you’ll gain a brother-in-law. While James isn’t all that thrilled about Ben Barber (Kevin Hart) becoming family, one must admit that the relationship is quite awesome. We’ve come up with this idea over time that in laws aren’t much to fuss over, but actually it’s quite the opposite. Here’s 9 reasons why gaining an in law could be amazing.


9. It’s like gaining another sibling but not having to grow up with them.

The great part about in-laws, is that you don’t have to suffer through living in the same house with them for a majority of your life like you did with your real siblings. Growing up together is all cute and cuddly until there’s a fight for the remote, or the last dinner roll. With an in-law, it can be the same amount of fun, without all of the hassle. You can always send them back to your real sibling whenever you’re ready



RIDE ALONG 2 will be in theaters everywhere on 1/15/16.