Atlanta’s own 2 Chainz said he made approximately $2 million in profits over the holiday season by combining the ugly Christmas sweater concept with his hometown’s latest dance craze, dabbing.

The thirty-eight-year-old Alabama State alum had put together a 70-person team to create the design, and to fulfill the demand for that design and other Xmas-themed merchandise, 2 Chainz revealed in an interview with Forbes. In addition, of the $2 million made, a large portion will go to charity, 2 Chainz said.

On a phone call with Forbes’ writer Shawn Setaro, 2 Chainz explained, “We made close to $2 million in revenue. I had a numerous amount of celebrities helping with the shirt. It was on the NFL, it was on TNT, it was on Good Morning America, it’s on ESPN.”

He added: “So I could not continue receiving those blessings without giving back at the end of the day.”

2 Chainz continued, “For us, it’s about putting it together independently, with nobody really being the boss. We’re creating our own way to give back, to do something for people. We’ll trickle down to the kids and lead by example. Like I say, actions speak louder than words. We could have spent this money on possessions, but giving a family that needs it will actually go further for them and for me.”

So far 2 Chainz has delivered on his promise of giving back by helping out a veteran, and also purchasing a minivan for a family in need.

— Tommy G. Meade Jr. is the Editor-in-Chief of HBCU Buzz. He can be reached via e-mail:


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