According to News 10 WAVY, “The mom of a hospitalized Norfolk State University basketball player told 10 On Your Side that her daughter is making a miraculous recovery.”

Amber Brown, a junior basketball player and psychology major at Norfolk State University is making a tremendous recovery according to the various sources closest to The Buzz. Amber Brown has been a rebound machine in the past. She crashed the boards for 13 rebounds against Delaware State on March 9th, 2015.

Amber Brown’s mom told News 10 WAVY:

“She was very ill, and God saw it to bring her through,” said Amber’s mom, Coretta Brown. “And so now we are at a whole other stage.”

Brown, 20, was found unresponsive in her dorm room on New Year’s Day. She suffered a stroke, seizures, and brain swelling. Doctors placed her in a medically induced coma, and expected a long road ahead.

“She just started opening her eyes,” Coretta said. “And when she opened her eyes, I was just like, ‘thank you, God, thank you, God.’ I said ‘girl, I missed those eyes! I missed you so much, I’m so glad you’re here.’”

However, last week a miracle happened. The family that thought once about “pulling the plug,” is now grateful to have Amber among them. Her recovery is steady but still critical.

According to ESPN, “The hashtag #PrayForAmber has grown on Twitter, and a Supporting Amber Facebook page gives updates on her progress. Amber is able to breathe on her own at times but still needs a ventilator for assistance. A temperature resulting from pneumonia has continued to decline, and she has been able to sit up in a cardiac chair minus the breathing tubes for short periods of time, forcing her lungs to get stronger.”