Protective Styling For Natural Hair is Big Business

Today, a large portion of everyday women can be seen with protective styles—and for many women it’s a way to achieve versatility without damaging their real hair.

The average woman defines it as a way to protect a woman’s real hair from chemical alteration, elements of weather, and access manipulation.

“Many women have opted for protective hairstyles to keep up with their demanding schedules and styling curiosity,” reports Black Enterprise. “Protective styles consist of weaves, wigs and extensions.”

“Not only do they provide versatility to the everyday woman, but they also protect or help repair damaged hair as they keep one’s ends tucked away and out of harm’s way from chemical or heat-based styles, changing seasons or hair manipulation.”

Can protective styling also help women with hair loss and issues?

Indeed, there are several hair companies and retailers that tend to women with hair loss as a result to medical issues.

“Those suffering from hair loss due to medical conditions can find refuge in PS (protective styles), such as weaves, because of the coverage they provide,” Amora Renae, an owner of hair business told Black Enterprise.

Big business is protective styling.

It can be as cheap or as expensive as one wishes for it to be. Whether it be a $6-20 faux bun and bang and a $30-60 wig, or $200 full sew in, there will always be an obtainable and cost effective style for each individual. As sales on relaxers decline, women have learned to embrace an love their natural hair, as well as find other options to achieve versatile looks, while ultimately never harming their real crown and glory.

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