Jackson State Kappa Alpha Psi Plot Vandalized With Racist Graffiti


The Kappa Alpha Psi Plot at Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi was vandalized with racist graffiti last week. Pictures of the incident circulated the internet over the weekend displaying the horrific content.

Jackson State University officials called an act of vandalism in which racial epithets were spray-painted on an on-campus fraternity plot  “an isolated incident” not believed to be “racially motivated.” According to the Clarion Ledger Images of the defacement to the Kappa Alpha Psi marble marker and bench, including the n-word, another racial slur, and a crude drawing, circulated widely on social media Tuesday.

“The graffiti was quickly cleaned up but remnants of the vandalism are still visibly apparent on the obelisk and bench” says Watch the Yard. Greeks and students have started to investigate who the perpetrators are on social media, opening up a large discussion of why someone would deface this monument to Kappa Alpha Psi.

See pictures below: