1909, then sixteen-years-old Ray Newby used a small spark transmitter to play records. Newby was a California resident and college student who shared news and information and played records. So it makes perfect sense a college student is regarded as the radio pioneer for disk-jockeys. College students understand the importance of lively events! 107 years later, it seems that DJs are only getting better.

From securing contracts with popular recording artists, to DJing events for Fortune 500 companies and even hosting events with tens of thousands of attendees the life of an college DJ can be exciting, rewarding, and even a bit competitive, especially when more than one DJ vie for campus favor. In college, in particular at HBCUs thriving with minority culture which heavily celebrates music, parties and sporting events are valued as tradition. As a social marketplace, the feng shui, atmosphere, and mood of the entire event heavily relies on the music played, and the person behind the playlist. If the DJ gets it right, the crowd is in the palm of his or her hand–and if they mess up, the party doesn’t go down in history.

We want to know: which HBCU DJ delivers amazing mixes every single time? Is there an on-campus DJ that is responsible for hosting some of the best parties of your collegiate career? When you think about your freshman year memories, which DJ was on the 1s and 2s, helping you have the best night of your life?

In last year’s competition, FAMU’s DJ Loosekid swept the polls with almost 25,000 votes. The year before, in 2014’s competition, UAPB’s DJ Bruce Bruce won by a record-setting 39% of all votes collected. This year’s winner tops the polls with nearly 13,000 votes! The votes are in, here are the DJs representing HBCUs’ cream of the crop this year.


5. DJ Swerve – Howard University

Last but certainly not least is our last 2016 TOP 5 HBCU DJ, hailing from Howard University. Howard University, affectionately known as “The Mecca” amongst the HBCU community, breeds and attracts moguls in the music industry including the likes of P. Diddy, Yandy Smith-Harris, Drake, and Christopher “Biggie  Smalls” Wallace. Conquering the Howard University crowd is no small victory and 21-year-old Courtney Beazer should be proud. The Atlanta native is rising senior, Sports Management major. With over 3,000 votes, more than 8 % of the poll alone, DJ Swerve is that last of this years TOP HBCU DJs.



  1. Go check out his online radio station! shonevilleradio.com
    or you can download Mixlr app. He vibes!!!

  2. Go check out his online radio station! shonevilleradio.com
    or you can download Mixlr app. He vibes!!!

  3. Is this an honest voting system my staff and I have cast over 30 votes this morning and only 1/2 of our votes posted for Bo Weezy!!!!!’

  4. How could it not be honest!!!!!! Do you realize that you can only vote once over a few hours!!!!

  5. You must’ve just moved to Tallahassee an hour ago. Obviously Bo isn’t DJing at FAMU now but is definitely a representative of FAMU and has DJed at FAMU. 90s babies may be too young to know that much though.

  6. If you have “no idea” who Bo Weezy is then just pack up and move out of Tallahassee if you’re still residing there.

  7. Vote Dj Trellz the hottest Dj in the 336. WSSU got the best DJ and MC ever known on their campus.

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