A former Miss Central State University wants to make America great again by reaching out to black voters for The Donald.

Omarosa Manigault, the ex-Apprentice star, and also a graduate of Central State in Wilberforce, is joining Donald Trump’s campaign as director of African-American outreach. According to recent polls, though, the now formally nominated 2016 Republican presidential candidate is not resonating with black voters in the swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania receiving zero percent approval among that demographic, reported USA Today.

So, er, no doubt the Ohio native will have a lot of work to do in her new leadership role.

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On Monday, Manigault announced her new role as head of black outreach for Trump’s campaign, saying on MSNBC, “I am the director of African-American outreach for Donald Trump. I am proud to serve in that role. It is a very difficult time for our country, but the good thing I know is that I know Donald Trump at his heart … and I know what he can do in that role.”

When asked about Trump’s poor showing in polls among Ohio and Pennsylvania’s black voters, Manigault said she was undeterred by these numbers (or the lack thereof).

“I’m wondering who they polled because I just spent an amazing weekend with African-Americans for Trump, about 300 of them,” Manigault said.

“So, I look at the data but my reality is that I’m surrounded by people who want to see Donald Trump as the next president of the United States who are African-American,” she added. “More importantly, our community — you know, I grew up Youngstown, Ohio, just 40 minutes down the road — economically we’re suffering. We’re hurting. I went to my family reunion this weekend, and I know family members who are still unemployed, who are still looking for jobs. Looking for ways to fill their gas tank and fill prescriptions for their family. Donald Trump is focused on improving the conditions of African-Americans in this country.”

We can only imagine what other black celebrities might think about this news, or how she even plans to win a virtually losing game.

But do you, Omarosa. Do you.


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