Everybody wants to be a sorority and fraternity member, but no one wants to do work.

Take Pastor Mark Burns for example.

Burns made quite a bit of news when he gave a speech at the Republican National Convention in late July defending the controversial “All Lives Matter” movement. At one point he even led the “All Lives Matter” chant.

Of course, people on social media saw the video and dragged him for saying “All Lives Matter.”


Now, Burns is also being dragged and exposed for pretending to be a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc., according to Bossip. Offering his two cents on the fake Kappa claims, Morehouse Professor Marc Lamont Hill said that Burns is definitely not a Kappa.

Well we hope he learned his lesson.

What do you think about Pastor Mark Burns pretending to be a Kappa? Let us know and comment below.


  1. Everybody wants to be in a fraternity or sorority???? If you don’t sit your deluded, stuck-up, behind down somewhere. Plenty of people including myself DO NOT want to be part of a brainwashed group of lackeys. This is why I unfollowed HBCU Buzz on social media, too much greek stuff.

    We got cops killing blacks on camera and getting away with it, racist ass Trump possibly in position to take over the country, young black men falling further behind in academic success and legal gainful employment, some HBCUs fighting to stay accredited and properly funded, and you feel the need to post shit like this?

    • If you unfollowed…why are you writing us a dissertation? By
      the number of perps that have shown up that statement, though generalized, is relatively

      We have Greeks on the front lines of many of our issues…. In fact most all NPHC
      organizations, you know the ones begging people our community to vote for
      candidates from their districts, the ones who are bailing out protesters,
      paying for the legal fees etc. etc. etc. have been on this for as long as many
      of us have been alive. When you look at it, we DO NOT VOTE FOR CANDIDATES WHO
      UNDERSTAND US. Yet we expect change…..how.

      You do know there are other articles you promptly ignore. Especially the NONGREEK ONES….but I guess you want attention.

      • Bingo-hit the nail on the head. Who knows–might be Burns showing up to whine about being outed as a con artist.

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