Chances are you’re not going to find love on campus at your school, but that’s not stopping these two Hampton University grads from tying the knot.

Of course, that’s the real HU, they say.

Teddy R. Reeves and Briana Gibson met on campus at Hampton, fell in love and, after Teddy popped the ultimate question earlier this year, they are now planning a Harlem Renaissance themed wedding for August 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Briana recounted the story of how they met on the campus of HU and eventually fell in love:

“Well, we met on the campus of Hampton University (the real HU), and it was our freshman year.”

“Second semester freshman year we started getting closer, because I joined the gospel choir—and she was singing in the gospel choir. So, when I joined that’s when I really got to know her,” said Teddy.

Below is a video of the Reeves 2017 engagement.