CHARLOTTE, NC – Keith Lamont Scott, 43, is the latest victim in a string of high profile police shootings. Witnesses, including some of Scott’s family members, said he was reading a book in his car when undercover cops approached the vehicle, allegedly executing a search warrant. Police officers claim Scott was in fact armed and “posed an imminent deadly threat to officers.” One officer yelled “gun,” and police opened fire. Fatally striking Scott. His family says he was disabled. This witness’ account is taken by a man named Mills Shaka Zulu Gill, from Facebook streaming live.

In one of his several Facebook videos after the shooting incident, at one point Mills Shaka Zulu Gill had over 72,000 likes, 95,500 shares, and 1.1 million views, his numbers gradually rising. A former student at UNC Charlotte, Gill has been following the unfolding story all day. Through out his videos, Gill can be heard receiving praise from other protesters for his efforts to get Keith Lamont Scott’s story heard all around the world. He is seen giving live updates, on the spot interviews, and has rallied countless people to come out to Charlotte to protest. One woman came all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, which is about a 4 hour drive. The live stream has even captured the attention of mainstream media outlets such as CNN and The Huffington Post.

As the protest evolved onto the I-85 Interstate, protesters were seen on Zulu Gills’ feed blocking traffic, chanting, looting trucks, and demanding national attention. A fire was also started. Riot police soon arrived on the scene. Zulu’s camera captures an altercation between an officer and protester while black men yell out, “don’t touch her,” “don’t touch the queen.” Afterwards, Gill gets into his car to exit the highway. A police officer’s vehicle lights are seen in the distance before Gill cuts his feed.

Mills Shaka Zulu Gill has recently posted on his page that he plans to start a GoFundMe page for the victim’s family. The videos can be viewed publicly on his page.

He was also reached out to for comment.