Homecoming is so serious at Norfolk State University that one week isn’t enough for all the fun.

Events kicked off on Monday and will not end until the crack of the next Sunday. Student T’Lia Green thinks it takes a special HBCU to have a homecoming like Norfolk. “It’s ’cause we lit like that,” said Green. Students have no problem with the lengthy celebration but this year added a twist. This week students had midterms! That seems as if it’s a nightmare with impossible concentration but students actually are dealing with the double sided week very well.

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One of the highlights of NSU’s homecoming is the annual homecoming pep rally. Students gather with the alumni to do the Spartan Shuffle, This pep rally alone is different from various institutions because it lasts for six hours. That’s enough time to come and watch for a while, go get something to eat, take a nap, and then come back for more pep in your spirit. From 12:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. everyone in attendance enjoyed sounds of the Spartan Legion marching band, dance routines, organization performances, stroll offs, and jokes from the pep rally host J.B Smoove, comedians from Real Husbands of Hollywood and Norfolk alumni.

The homecoming committee consists of the Student Government Association President, Vice President, every class president, and a committee of ten student leaders who then have an application process to select a few students who are interested in helping out. NSU student Tyshera Chambers, who was a part of the homecoming planning process, says that everyone in attendance for NSU’s homecoming simply has a different experience compared to other homecomings. “It’s not your typical homecoming #NYTHC,” said Chambers in an exciting voice. When you walk into the Student Government Association office you will quickly realize that students run the homecoming fun.

When you walk into the Student Government Association office you will quickly realize that students run the homecoming fun.  At the pep rally current students and alumni got on one accord when the dj broke out the music for the Spartan Shuffle.  It is a University dance established by SGA President Shayla Brown, 2008-2009, along with Spartan Calvary. The homecoming was very special for the football team because it was also Senior Day, a perfect way to celebrate seniors while everyone is back at home. Norfolk walked away with a win over the Morgan State Bears with a winning score of 27-14. Norfolk’s record stands at 2-6 taking on Savannah State in Savannah, Georgia next week.