According to the website, for each insurance quote, Allstate will donate $10 to the Tom Joyner Foundation in support of HBCU students, up to $250,000. The Allstate Quotes for Education program follows the movement to get you in on supporting HBCUs and excellence and preserving a legacy. Are you part of the giving trend? Here are a few reasons that you should quote to donate.

Get IN because it will make you feel happier

It’s no secret. Giving to others boost happiness in the person completing the act. Why not get in on supporting excellence give back to HBCUs ― the last cultural jewel black people have left in this country.

Get IN and set an example

Many of the country’s 107 HBCUs are struggling to stay afloat. You can do your part in helping your HBCU and set an example to others by quoting to donate.

If and when you set the standard, others will follow.

Get IN because every bit helps

With all the problems in the world, you may feel as if you can’t make a difference. There’s a lot of poverty and homelessness, and many, many more issues that need to be addressed. But even if you donate just $5-10 to Allstate, every bit helps.

According to, since its founding, the Foundation has raised over $65 million in support of the 29,000 students who attend HBCUs each year. In addition, the Foundation has recommended internships, offered matching grant support, and provided career development to deserving students.

Get IN because HBCUs are much more than a school

The HBCU community is like family. Share with fellow HBCU supporters so they can Get IN on supporting HBCUs.

Get IN and be a part of something bigger

When you quote to donate, you instantly become a part of something bigger than you and you can see how your small donation really does make a big difference.