HBCUs are some of the most stylish campuses in the world. Howard University, specifically, is a campus where some students will “pop out” just because. Overall, the goal for many students is to simply showcase their personality through what they wear on a daily basis.

Check out these two Stylish Students of the Week below.

“I want it to be an expression of me, not what others expect of me!”


Saki is a sophomore, Biology major, Afro-American studies minor from Maryland. She can be seen around campus serving effortless looks that are a true reflection of her own individual style.

Saki describes her style as versatile, dynamic and a true testament to her own confidence:

“I dabble in trends and street styles, then I like to make them my own. I’m also partial to certain “high fashion” trends, granted I can’t really afford the look I actually want to achieve so I do my best. My goal is always to feel good in what I put on. I want it to be an expression of me, not what others expect of me!”

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Jaeda is a junior, fashion design major from New Jersey. Just by looking at her major it’s clear that this girl knows her stuff, but she also thrives by doing everything she does with passion.

“If I would describe my style it would be a mix of the 90’s, streetwear, and high fashion…like “vintage street wear chic.”


Her style exudes creativity and she even has a really dope site where you can see all of her fabulous looks! She can be seen on campus sporting everything from a sexy to a laid back athletic look and both would be executed flawlessly.

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