North Carolina A&T To Offer Master’s Program In Industrial Bioscience

Calling all STEM fanatics!

Are you interested in Industrial Bioscience? Want to attend an HBCU?

Well, later this year, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University will begin to offer a Professional Science Master’s (PSM) in Industrial Biosciences. How cool is that!

The PSM program in Industrial Biosciences is a carefully developed program,” said Sanjiv Sarin, Dean of the Graduate College. “I think it will be very successful in attracting high-quality students from bioscience-related businesses.”

The program boasts a cross-disciplinary approach and is keeping with the trend of the 320 other PSM programs around the country in various sectors of technology and science. The program is part of a nationwide initiative guided by the National Professional Science Master’s Association.

Students enrolled in the program will receive advanced training and business skills. The development of a PMS program combines advanced coursework in both science and business and gives students a well-rounded approach to this particular niche.

“The dynamic frontiers of biomedical research and biotechnology require that graduates not only have strong competencies in biomedical protocol design and data analysis, but also in project management,” said Dr. Scott Harrison, organizer of the Industrial Biosciences PSM program and a faculty member in the department of biology. “Our PSM program provides an opportunity to jointly develop acumen in both science and business in a graduate experience structured around industry related projects,” Harrison said.

For the sixth consecutive year, North Carolina Agricultural & Technical university has been ranked No.1 producer of undergraduate engineering degrees awarded to African Americans.

Both current undergraduate students and working career professionals are encouraged to apply to the program. Visit the Industrial Biosciences PSM program online for more information or email