Oakwood University Stylish Buzz Of The Week: Tyler Noel Brown

On the campus of Oakwood University walks a fashionable student by the name of Tyler Noel Brown. Native of The Magic City, Birmingham, Alabama, Brown is majoring in communications with a concentration in public relations and political science.

“I don’t even have my ears pierced.”

The style preferred is in the range of preppy and classic chic. She loves brands J Crew, Misguided, Ralph Lauren, Ann Taylor, and Zara with reasonable pricing. “Tyler’s fashion sense has definitely changed since coming to college. She went from bright neon, AE fits to neutral, more stylish and mature looks,” Ashlyn Hayes said.

When looking at Brown’s siblings, you have tall athletic individuals and then her, a small framed political driven young lady.

She dresses business professional heavy because she means business. Brown might be tiny by physical nature, but her personality and heart is much bigger than what meets the eye. “Tyler has reached high places including Capitol Hill which confirms that she indeed aims high and reaches goals,” Kayla Hall said.

Brown holds the position of senior class Vice President, and is a member of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International, and a member of a new political organization in Huntsville, Alabama, United Collegiate Black Scholars. She also is a part of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation alumni, where she volunteers when home away from school.

When working on the job, flair and personality is added to business attire such as skirts, dressed, and blouses.  When school is in session, active wear with Nikes is the normal. “Tyler is able to arrange classic pieces already in her closet with a few new accessories to create outfits that look brand new,” Valerie Westney said.

Her style is simply simple. With a niche of mixing items, she prefers mixing simple prints, stripes, and color blocking causal looks. She is even a fan of all black simplicity.  “Tyler is one of the best dressed females that I know because she believes in simplicity,” Lamar Howard said.

Many girls adore accessories and earrings but Brown prefers not.  “I don’t even have my ears pierced,” Brown said. You can catch a simple watch, necklace, or gold bracelets and rings every blue moon.

Take a look at Miss. Brown’s Do’s and Don’ts”

Do: Always wear what you like

Do: Wear a trendy piece if you like it

Do: Invest in a tailor for work/former wear because they can work miracles

Don’t: Wear what everyone else is wearing

Don’t: Be super trendy, be yourself

Don’t: Waste your money on clothes that you wouldn’t pick out for yourself

You can keep up with Tyler Noel Brown on Instagram @tylerangelou