Johnny Surry’s roots run deep in Atlanta and Fulton County.  He finished Westlake High School in 2011 then, the former student-athlete earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice management in 2015 from Clark Atlanta University.  He later joined Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. Now in his second year of graduate school at CAU studying public policy, the 24-year-old is turning heads again as the youngest candidate for city council District 3 in the newly formed city of South Fulton.

Surry explained his matriculation at CAU, a place he considers a second home, prepared him for this moment on the political stage.  He said during his undergraduate years he matured and learned the importance of leadership, determination and consistency, and now he’s ready to serve his community.

“South Fulton has truly contributed to my development as a man,” said Surry.  “I find it only befitting to give back to the place, which made me who I am today.”

He rolled out a three-point to-do list he said he plans to tackle immediately if elected.  It includes economic development, community involvement and crime prevention.  The millennial said each of these categories links directly to having a vibrant and robust new city.

Surry is following a long and rich CAU history of producing impactful community and political leaders.  Some of them include U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson; Evelyn G. Lowery, founder of SCLC/Women’s Organizational Movement for Equality Now, Inc.; Rev. Ralph David Abernathy, civil rights icon and Rev. Hosea Williams, also a civil icon, businessman and politician.  In fact, preparing our students for leadership roles in politics, business and education, to name a few, is part of President Ronald A. Johnson’s vision of “Lifting Every Voice.”

“I commit myself to the progress of our city.  We must learn to create our own and support our own,” Surry concluded.

To learn more about Surry’s campaign, visit his Facebook page, @johnnsurry4district3 or email